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Taco Tour

We are staying in town for the long Independence Day Weekend – the first three day weekend we’ve been in Chicago in a very long time.  We plan on cooking, drinking, taking some bike rides and just enjoying the City.

A few days ago my favorite cooking schools (the Chopping Block) forwarded a link to the “9 Best Tacos in Chicago”.  I love me some tacos!  I then posted, in a half joking manor that I wanted to try all of these taco joints (and their best taco) in one day — and to get between all these places, I want to Divvy (the Chicago bike share program).  A few people thought my idea was great — but was I serious?  I guess once people said what a great idea it was, I guess I was serious.


The problem with this list is that they are all at fancier places.  We aren’t hitting a great taco joint in the Mexican neighborhood of Pilsen (which use to be a German / Czech neighborhood, hence the name).  These are mostly in the River North Neighborhood – so we will likely Divvy down to the neighborhood and walk between these various shops. I am a little disappointed we don’t get out of the predominately white touristy areas of the City.  Here’s the list of the recommended tacos:

  • Elle on the River (Langham Hotel)
    • Piri-Piri Chicken Taco
  • Big Star
    • Taco de Pescado
  • Ten Mile House (not in Chicago, but in neighboring Evanston)
    • Smoke Pork and Bacon Taco
  • Fish Bar
    • Crispy Shrimp
  • The Dawson
    • Redfish for Two (this monster costs $48 and includes a whole fish)
  • GT Fish and Oyster
    • Fish Taco with chicharrón
  • Tallboy
    • Atlantic Salmon Taco
  • Slurping Turtle
    • Hamachi Taco
  • Antique Taco
    • Garlic Shrimp

Unfortunately, some of these places are closed for the holiday, so maybe we’ll have to add to our taco tour with some of our favorite taco places – De Cero on Randolph and Carnitas Urupan in Pilsen.


So that’s our plan for Saturday.  We’re hydrating, hopping on the Divvy and schlepping around the City eating tacos.  I will be live Tweeting/Instagramming/Faceboking our taco travels – so follow me and keep and eye open for #TacoTourTXN

Where is your favorite taco joint in Chicago? What do you always order when you visit?  Where else should we go?  Help us get out of River North and see and eat something new!  What are you doing to keep yourselves occupied over this holiday weekend?