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About Me

I am Tim.  I spent my first 22 years living and studying in Oregon.  I then moved to Chicago and found my true home.  I love to travel – be that travel done in a premium cabin to the other side of the planet or via subway to explore a new neighborhood closer to home.

In addition to my passion for travel, I love food, cooking and good wine.  Food and drink are a major focus during all of my travels.

I dig loyalty programs. I am a United-flyer, a Starwood-stayer, and a point-aficionado. I won’t pretend to have full knowledge of all programs, but I do know my core programs.

I love languages. I’ve spent time studying Spanish (3 years), German (2 years) and French (5 years and counting) – I am far from functional in any language other than English.  My goal is to continue studying French with an ultimate goal of be functional in the language by the end of 2018, but a seeing a continual improvement as the weeks and months go by.

I have a real job, which takes priority over my travels, my cooking and my blogging — this day job allows me to explore my travel and cooking passions.  I am American, working for an American company and thus I get very limited vacation time but I feel I truly maximize my 15 business days off a year.

Do you want to know something else about me? Just ask!

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  1. Hey, looks like we have so many things in common; travel + food + cooking… Looking forward to read your posts and discover a little bit more.

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