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Separate Vacation From Your Spouse?

Do you ever take a separate vacation from your spouse?  I’ve only taken one proper vacation without my spouse.  My job doesn’t afford me much travel options between Thanksgiving and March, but there is a sweet spot in January that I can get away for a long weekend.  Years ago, my spouse had to be in Brazil during this sweet spot – and the airfare to Brazil was prohibitively expensive.  I’m talking $5,000USD in economy for a long weekend.  No way.  That year, I decided to take a long weekend and visit Stockholm.  I struggled on that trip.

Other than my quasi-bachelor party to Hong Kong, I have not taken another proper vacation without him.  2019 leads us to an opportunity where we will both be vacationing separately.  He has always wanted to raft the Grand Canyon – the whole thing.  This trip is more than two weeks long and is nearly one of the farthest from something I’d want to do.  The idea of two weeks of camping, hiking and rafting just doesn’t appeal to me.  I wouldn’t ever stop him from going, but wild dogs couldn’t drag me to this trip.

Thai Airways First Class

Mike and I taking a break from the movie we were watching to pose for photos during caviar service.

He booked his trip and now that means I’ve got a couple weeks of vacation that I need use without him.  I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind, but wanted to see what you do?  Do you regularly take vacations without your significant other?  I’m not talking about work trips either – let’s keep it to proper vacations.  Do you take a separate vacation from them? How do you decide where to go?  Why do you not travel together?  Is it a regular thing?


  1. Timothy says:

    As a single man (unfortunately not as stylish as Colin Firth or as yummy as Nicholas Hoult) I travel solo from time to time. I had a great and uhm sexy time in Taiwan. https://tripbytrip.org/2018/03/22/gay-taipei-with-misterbb/

    But I usually travel wit a friend. Co-blogger Danny is an obvious choice. But I have some other go-to friends for travel plans.

  2. Timothy says:

    Oh and for a tip: wherever you go: plan one day too short. So you don’t have time to think “what should I do now?”

    Btw, I also did Israel on my own. https://tripbytrip.org/?s=Israel

    • Tim says:

      I agree – I’d so much rather leave wishing I had one extra day, than the alternate, wishing I had left the day prior!

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