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SO Sofitel Singapore

The SO Sofitel Singapore was our second hotel on our stay.  We moved out of the M Hotel because we wanted a nicer property and a great pool.  The price was identical too.  We collected our bags, that we left on Friday morning at the M and made our way just a couple blocks away to the SO Sofitel.

The Brand

I’m sure we are all familiar with the Sofitel brand, a part of the Accor Hotel Chain.  Accor includes other less exciting brands like Ibis, Red Roof Inn and Motel 6 (they also have the Swissôtel and the Fairmont names too).  The SO Sofitel brand is part of Accor’s Luxury line.  With only four properties currently open, it’ll be tough for the average traveler to experience the great spaces.  Each of the four hotels were designed by a different fashion designer.  Karl Lagerfeld designed the Singapore outpost, and I just loved it.  The designer put their touch on the fabrics, the furniture design and and the accessories.

In addition to Singapore, you can find an SO Sofitel property in Mauritius (designed by Kenzo Takada), Bangkok (Christian Lacroix) and Hua Hin (Polpat Asavaprapha).  I didn’t know where Hua Hin was (did you?) – it’s south west of Bangkok.  SO Sofitel plans to open additional properties in Berlin, Auckland, Kuala Lampur, Samui, Jakarta and of course, Paris.

SO Sofitel Singapore

Checking into the SO Sofitel was a delight, especially compared to the gauntlet that was the M Hotel.  A slim, sleek desk, staffed by two eager employees welcomed us in immediately.  The lobby was bustling with guests and staff flitting between the high design furniture and expertly curated displays.  While the back office check-in work was done, we were given a quick rundown of the hotel.  A long drawn out welcome process is a major pet peeve of mine.  The one thing we weren’t told about was the pool and we didn’t think of it until we were actually on our way to the pool a little later that day.

After declining the assistance with our luggage, we made our way to the elevators across the lobby, passing beautifully appointed sitting areas.  These areas were being used by guests enjoying a coffee or reading a magazine.  People wanted to spend time in the lobby – who wouldn’t? It was beautiful.

High Contrast Lobby Seating Area

The high gloss and high contrast seating area in the Lobby made me want to sit and order a drink.

Club Chairs in the Lobby

Two club chairs in the lobby. A little colonial, a little steam punk, a lot fabulous.

Mirrored Hall in Lobby

The mirrored hall in the lobby added openness to this beautiful space.

Karl Lagerfeld Designs

The Lagerfeld styled lobby

We make it to our room, on the sixth floor.  The beauty continued from the common spaces into the private areas.  Bright white walls and colorful accents brought so much energy into the space.

King Room Designed by Karl Lagerfeld

The main room. Comfortable bed and on point design.

Glass box bathroom at the SO Sofitel Singapore.

The room looking into the glass walled bathroom. I prefer more privacy than just a curtain.

Coffee and tea bar in room at the SO Sofitel Singapore.

The coffee/tea station had everyone you’d need to make yourself a cuppa.

The stylized minibar.

Complimentary minibar, with limited but flavorful snacks. Replaced daily.

The layout was a little funky as you were met with a large double sided closet right when you walked in.  I assume that was a functional issue as it is likely hiding some building mechanicals too.

The SO Sofitel was unlike the M Hotel in almost every way.  Not always positive though.  The desk was a proper writing desk, with limited real estate. Since I wasn’t here to work, I wasn’t frustrated by the lack of space.

The work space at the SO Sofitel Singapore ws a bit limited.

How is a raven like a writing desk? Neither have enough space for me to work properly. Beautifully styled though.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was large, and was great for a single traveler.  I do not dig the large glass bathrooms, when traveling with others.  I want bathroom privacy, no matter who I’m traveling with.  The toiletries and other bathroom accessories were well appointed and you could even see that Lagerfeld had his hand on this part of the design too.  The small storage boxes were fun and functional – although, you can see they didn’t quite fit in their designated spaces.

Glass box bathroom at the SO Sofitel Singapore.

The room looking into the glass walled bathroom. I prefer more privacy than just a curtain.

Bathroom at SO Sofitel Singapore.

The efficient bathroom. Notice the toiletry box, above the toilet.

His and her toiletries.

His and her toiletries. The box was too big for it’s home. I was afraid it would fall into the toilet!

His and hers toiletries at the SO Sofitel Singapore.

His and hers toiletries at the SO Sofitel Singapore.

Lagerfeld designed bathroom accessories.

Even the soap and tissue dispenser had Lagerfeld written all over them!

The Pool

When one thinks of Singapore and hotel pools, I’m sure the Infinity Pool at Maria Bay Sands is the first thing that comes to mind. It sure was with me.  Unfortunately, there is no way to access that pool without being a paying guest and I had no intention of spending $600USD per night for access to a pool.  The SO Sofitel Singapore has a rooftop pool with a fully staffed bar.

Surrounded by downtown high rises, the pool felt like an urban oasis.  The infinity edge isn’t as grand as the Marina Bay Sands, but it is a fun spot to hang out.

Obligatory, relaxing by the pool leg shot

Obligatory, relaxing by the pool leg shot

Infinity Pool at SO Sofitel Singapore

The infinity pool with in water loungers and adjacent bar.

The bar at the pool is limited, but the cocktail offerings are truly on point.

Cocktail from the Pool Bar

An equatorial cocktail bar must serve SOMETHING in a coconut, right?

Poolside drinks served in shatterproof drinware - a huge step above plastic.

A refreshing colonial cocktail served in bamboo, poolside.

Poolside cocktails

A beautiful pair

Our time at the pool was late in the day when it had started to cool off a bit.  We were one of only three groups spending time at this oasis too.  I could easily spend half a day lounging, reading, swimming and drinking here.  Unfortunately, the city of Singapore was calling and we had to continue our exploration.

Have you experienced the luxury that is the SO Sofitel Singapore?  What about the other SO properties throughout the world?  I am excited to see the other urban offerings as the come online.


  1. Great post 😁

  2. That bathroom is just wrong in many ways.

    • Tim says:

      I don’t disagree! Even staying by yourself, I don’t want to be in a big glass box. Plus, the curtains were big and heavy…and you know they are NEVER taken down and cleaned. I don’t want those curtains near me. The rest of the space was great though!

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