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Weasku Inn and Resort – Grants Pass, Oregon

We needed a place to stay on the way to Portland, after the final day of hiking the Redwood National and State Park.  We had to be in Portland on Friday afternoon and didn’t want to spend a whole day driving up from California.  Grants Pass, Oregon, just across the California border made a logical stop for us. We ultimately selected the Weasku Inn and Resort after researching on TripAdvisor and Booking.com.

This independent property was located right on the Rogue River, just a couple miles from the center of town.  The Weasku Inn and Resort resort consists of many cabins clustered around the grounds.  Parking is located on the upper edge of the property near the main road and lodge.

Weasku Inn Neon Sign

Loved the campy neon sign!

View of the Weasku Inn across the verdant lawn.

The main lodge, large and beautiful surrounded by verdant grounds.

Our cabin was located just a couple dozen meters from the parking lot, but far enough away not to hear the traffic. We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer size of our cabin. It was a large studio apartment with a combined living/dining area, with the sleeping area towards the back. The bathroom was located opposite of the bedroom wall.

The ample seating area flanked a gas burning fire place. We lounged on the couch, sans fire as it was a hot summer Oregon night. The room had a TV, but we didn’t even turn it on.

Our cabin's corner fireplace makes for a cozy retreat.

Rustic and homey fireplace in our cabin.

The utilitarian desk at the Weasku Inn wasn't fancy, but got the job done.

The simple writing desk was just what I needed to pound out a few hours of work.

The bed was large and very comfortable, but there weren’t any power outlets nearby. One of my biggest hotel pet peeves is the lack of outlets.  We live in a connected connected world and you’ve got to put at least a single outlet on each side of the bed. Many people use their phones as an alarm clock now, c’mon!

The sleeping area contained a large, comfortable king bed.

Large comfortable bed in our studio

The bathroom was also surprisingly large, with a separate tub and shower area plus a double vanity. The bathroom was like a galley kitchen – it had everything you needed, but the layout wasn’t stellar. Most importantly the water pressure was great and we never ran out of hot water. The whole property was very clean, despite the rustic vibe.

Galley Bathrooms? Who knew?

Non-fancy, utilitarian shower.

After dinner at the River’s Edge Restaurant we returned to the hotel and decided to sit on the back deck and enjoy the beautiful property and a few glasses of wine. Our cabin had a private balcony, but we wanted to be closer to the main lodge, so we sat on the common deck for a few hours. We read, snacked and finished our Oregon wine. We only left because the mosquitoes started ravaging my legs. Mosquitoes usually aren’t interested in me, but there is something about Tim that the Southern Oregon bastards just love. I was their summer feast.

Our semi-private balcony overlooking the river.

A pair of rocking chairs on our private balcony.

A modern campfire complete with do-it-yourself s'mores.

The outdoor fire pit was a big hit after dark.

There were a few families enjoying the property as well – some of whom were staying for a few days. I was envious of them – stopping the commotion, dropping anchor in this quiet, picturesque locale sounded perfect. A gas fire pit was available too and if you were into it, you could grab some complimentary s’mores kits and make yourself a little treat. The young families were having a blast making this campfire tradition.

Complimentary s'more kits.

Complimentary s’mores? Lovely idea!

Chocolate chip cookies to round out your experience.

They didn’t look like it, but the cookies were great!

We headed over to breakfast the next morning and you all know I’m not a breakfast guy, but even I was disappointed. Breads and cereals were available or you could order an egg dish if you wanted, but no one was around to take that order. I had a conference call for work (yes, while on my vacation), so I scurried back to the room, where the dining table and the desk made for the perfect place to camp out and finish stuff from the real world.

The main lodge's grand fire place.

The main lobby and reception area.

Ample unused seating in the Lobby.

I was really surprised and pleased with this hotel. With a less than $200USD price point, you got an amazing value. The staff at the Weasku was welcoming (except for the breakfast crew who were hard to find), the rooms were large yet cozy and the locale was bucolic. I’d return in a minute.

When you are looking for a quick place to stay, en route somewhere, do you look for quaint little places like the Weasku Inn and Resort, which may be a bit more expensive than others? Or do you realize you’ll only be spending a couple hours in the room, so you save some money and grab a more utilitarian place?


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