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Inn at 2nd and C – Eureka, California

Working our way up the west coast, we needed a place to call home for a couple days of hiking in the Redwood State and National Park.  We chose Eureka because of it’s central location, abundance of restaurants and quite honestly, it was on the way.

There were no Starwood Properties in Eureka, so we opted to stay at a local hotel.  We quickly discovered that the Inn at 2nd and C would be a great fit for us.  The name, is also the address – located in the heart of downtown Eureka, just a few blocks from the channel and within easy walking distance to restaurants and shops.

The Property

We checked in late in the afternoon.  The parking lot had a couple spaces available and we unloaded our suitcases from the car.  A very bubbly woman working reception greeted us as we entered.  While very friendly, she was the model of efficiency.  I think she had other things she wanted to work on, which was great for us – you all know how I hate the hours long welcome discussion while checking in.  Just give me the three minute basics, my keys and point me towards the elevator.

We were on the third floor of this beautiful 19th Century Hotel. Built by Finnish immigrants in 1886, this property had been partially updated recently.  The furnishings were still period, but didn’t show obvious signs of wear.  It’s awful to go into a beautifully restored old property like this and find that the furniture hasn’t been updated since the doors opened – broken down chairs, threadbare sofas, smoke filled curtains – none of that was found here.

We booked a suite that went for $209/night.  While not the cheapest room in town, it was really worth it.  The rooms were large, clean and the rate included breakfast.

Standard Room at the Inn

Standard King Room

Standard Furnishing at the Inn

Furnishings Standard Room

Standard Double Room at the Inn

Standard Room Double Beds

Common area at the Inn

Common space sofa

Hall Decor at the Inn

Hall Decor

Breakfast Beverages at the Inn

Breakfast Beverage Station

The ballroom at the Inn

The ballroom

There is also a bar at this hotel – Phatsy Kline’s Parlor Lounge.  Of course, I popped down for a quick drink – or two – upon arrival.  Our first night in town there was an all female folk trio playing.  It was a little awkward, as they started at 18h30 and I was the only one there.  The sound of one man clapping doesn’t really bring down the house.  I really enjoyed the band – Belles of the Levee, check them out!

Local band in the lounge

Belles of the Levee performance

Cocktails in the Lounge

Cocktailng with shoes that match the chairs.


Do you love cats?  Well, then you’ll love the Inn and Phatsy Kline’s.  No there aren’t house cats that you can rent, but there is a definite cat theme, with lots of art, animals and even board games.

Yawning Cat in a Eureka Hotel

Quite the painting

Decor at the Lounge

Phatsy Kline’s Decor

Board Games

Board games in Phatsy Kline’s

When you are making your way through the north coast of California, do yourself a favor and spend the night at the Inn on Second and C, and stop off for a drink or three at Phatsy Kline’s.  They were just serving wine and beer during my visit, but had already crafted a bunch of gin cocktails and were waiting for their full liquor license.  There were at least four restaurants we wanted to try within walking distance. Since we were only in town two nights, we had plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Have you stayed here before?  Do these classic boutique hotels interest you at all, or would you prefer to stay at a national property?

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