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Travel Pleasures – Foreign Newspapers

In general, I don’t find travel all that stressful, but it can wear a bit thin from time to time.  One thing I do whenever I can is to grab a foreign language newspaper and struggle my way through it.  As I’ve mentioned countless times before, I’ve studied Spanish in High School for three years, German in College for two and am continuing to study French as an adult.

I love grabbing a local newspaper (or magazine) push my language skills to the net level.  On my recent trip to Singapore, I was fortunate enough to snag a couple editions of Le Monde, a French newspaper that is just slightly above my reading level.  I also selected a copy of Stern while flying to Austria.

Simple Travel Pleasures

Simple Pleasures: A French Newspaper, Wonton Soup and Champagne

I found it to be pretty mentally taxing to read these periodicals, but reading the news in a foreign language is a very fulfilling experience for me.  It shows that all the hard work is really starting to pay off.

Do you have little travel pleasures that get you through long flights?


  1. AJ says:

    That is awesome you have knowledge of so many languages. That is something I always wish I had done, but my cousin got the languages talent in our family.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately my knowledge is wide but not deep. That’s one of my goals for September is to push for more depth in French – it’s a process for sure!

      • AJ says:

        For sure! I took French all through school but still didn’t feel like I really knew it

  2. Timothy says:

    I agree. The same goes with local tv. Even if you don’t understand he language, watching a local show* is an illustration of the national mentality.
    *: Like a newscast, talkshow, interview, gameshow…

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