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Need Advice: Best Point-and-Shoot Camera for Travel


I’ll admit it.  I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy S8 almost exclusively as my camera while I travel and before that, I was using my Galaxy S6 Edge.  I haven’t always been a phone as camera guy.  I was a big fan of the Nikon Coolpix in it’s various incarnations since 2006 and really enjoyed the ease of use and the quality of the pictures.

My most recent Coolpix met an untimely death during a photo shoot at work, one of my employees didn’t affix it properly to the tripod and it fell, smack on the lens, destroying my workhorse of a camera.  That specific camera had traveled with me to Peru, Bolivia, Austria, France, you name it was with me.

I need some guidance on what point-and-shoot camera I should get?  Here’s what I’m looking for, in general:

My previous Nikon Coolpix – the replacement for this guy died in a tragic accident at work.

What do you use? What’s the one thing you love most about it and what is the one thing you hate the most?  Do you think I should just stick with my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone?

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