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Holiday in Belgium – Final Thoughts

I kicked off this trip report noting that Belgium wasn’t high on our lists of locations to visit, but it was on the list.  Extenuating circumstances pushed this travel up a bit to this year.  My expectations weren’t set especially high because I really didn’t do too much research before setting off on this trek.  That being said, I really enjoyed the extra long weekend we had in Flanders – next time let’s head south so I can practice my French language skills.

The people were lovely and accommodating, the food was generally good and our selection of accommodations only had one hiccup (FYI: Booking.com did refund my money and I haven’t heard a peep from Lozercasteel since).  I would highly recommend that anyone in the area to take a couple days and explore the City of Ghent, and if you can, do so by bike.

The old Post Office in Ghent turned into a beautiful boutique hotel. Thoughtfully designed and centrally located – a must visit.

Before you set off for Flanders, take some time to read two books that will help reset your knowledge of WWI and build on your understanding of the area:  All Quiet on the Western Front and War and Turpentine. Lovely and intense reads.  While exploring the WWI battlefields near Ypres, be sure to take a moment and read In Flanders Fields – these 97 words really have new meaning when you are standing near the front lines.

The symmetrically placed markers for each of the soldiers laid to rest here.

Have you spent time in Flanders?  Any recommendations for your fellow travelers?  I often like to hear about the things that one SHOULDN’T do at a location – maybe it is too touristy, too expensive without enough of a payoff at the end.


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