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European Supermarkets

I often make a point to stop off in a grocery store when traveling.  I started this habit when I was in Portugal in 2010 and have always loved popping in and taking a few minutes to see what is being sold.  In general you see the same things you’ll see in the US, but some areas are dramatically better. I love European Supermarkets!

The meat and cheese counters often have a much wider selection than you can get back home.

European Supermarket Cheese Case

Various cheese as far as the eye can see!

European Supermarket Meat Case

Delicious meats – don’t they just look better than we have here in the US?

European Supermarket Meat Case

Look at the variety!

Another wonderful area to scope out – the prepared food area.  A little grab and go section is often right up front in these small markets in large European cities.  Here you can find quick ready-to-eat meals for busy city-dwellers. This isn’t fast food, it’s so much better.

Packaged tapas from a European Supermarket

Packaged tapas for a quick dinner or snack.

Do you have any strange traditions while you travel?  Do you love foreign grocery stores or markets as much as I do?

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  1. I agree. I always loved them

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