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Standing Room Tickets – Vienna Opera House

Earlier this week, I wrote about a recent trip to the Vienna Opera House. I mentioned how I struggled to get tickets to the show I wanted to see and how the opera offers same day, standing room tickets. A few people asked for some more details on how that process works. First, let me say that I’ve never actually grabbed these type of tickets, I did a bit of research and ask my friends who recently enjoyed a performance from these seats. Here’s the process:

The ticket office begins selling tickets to the show the same day of the performance and these tickets actually go on sale 80 minutes before the show. Now, just because the tickets go on sale at that time doesn’t mean you should show up then. My friends who snagged these tickets actually arrive 2.5 hours before curtain time and found the queue already forming.

The same day, standing room only tickets are sold from the box office on Operngasse, so get their early to increase your chances of seeing a show.

Once you’ve gotten your tickets, you’ll go directly to your assigned area. You’ll be required to check your coat or any bags you brought in with you, but don’t worry there is a complimentary coat check. If you are traveling alone, you’ll need to bring something to mark your SRO spot – like a scarf to tie around the railing – while you check your coat or go to the washroom….or get a cocktail. If traveling together, one of you can just hold the spot. The people I talked to said they never really had a problem with someone taking their space, but it has been known to happen. You’d sure hate to wait in line for two hours, get your tickets and wait another hour for the show to start, just to have your space snaked by some unscrupulous patron!

The Beautiful Staircase in the Central Hall

These SRO spaces still have the small screens with subtitles too – so you won’t feel lost if you aren’t fluent in German, French or whatever other language is being sung.

The best part about these SRO tickets is definitely the price. Instead of paying 100€+ you can see a world class opera for just a 3-4€. You can’t beat that.

Have you used the SRO tickets at the Wiener Staatsoper before? What advice do you have for fellow frugal travelers and readers?

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