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Interesting Hotel Service…

I’m spending a few days at an Embassy Suites for a work conference.  I’m not a Hilton guy (but thanks to my American Express Platinum, I do have Gold Status) – I much prefer Starwood Properties (Platinum).  I checked in and everything seemed normal, but I get to my room and before I can even start to unpack (can’t have a wrinkled suit), there is a knock at the door…I ignore it.  Then again…this time more forcefully…then continuous.

I reluctantly open the door, thinking it was a colleague.  Nope, it was an Embassy Suites Maintenance Guy.  He was here doing a “Peephole and Clock Check.”  I told him I was fine, but he wouldn’t listen.  He came in, I left the doors open, and followed him around.  He looked through the peephole (from the outside and in) – checking something off his list.  He then moved into the bedroom where he checked the clock – confirming the time (it was off by 3 minutes – he reset it) and confirmed the alarm was off.

I wrote about my hotel pet peeves a few years ago, and while the clock issue never made my list, it has more recently. I hate when the hotel clocks are wrong and I utterly loathe when the alarms are set.  I know I should always check the alarm before I go to bed, but I often forget (shame on me).

This seems so strange to me that this guy (in full Embassy Suites uniform) came in to check these two things. He wouldn’t explain why he did it either. He was gone as quick as he came.  I did pop by the front desk to ask about this and they said that they had some complaints about the clocks so they started checking them regularly.  Other than the service itself, nothing seemed off about this guy (he was properly uniformed and had a maintenance cart with him).

Am I nuts, or does this seems really strange to you guys too?

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