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My First Airbnb Stay

I mentioned recently that I needed to be in Oregon last weekend and that hotels were unreasonably expensive. This pushed me to try Airbnb for the first time, as the rates were nearly half that of the hotels. I was able to find a place, exactly where I wanted to be and the reviews were positive. I mentioned to people that I had never used Airbnb before and they were shocked – for someone who travels as frequently as I do, how could have never tried such a common lodging option?

So for the place I picked the location and the price were spot on, but the room it self was awfully small.  The worst part of the apartment I chose was that there wasn’t really a place to sit other than the bed.  The other room in the apartment was more of a kitchen and you could sit on the uncomfortable dining chairs, but that wouldn’t last too long.  I just wish there was a couch, a lounge chair or even a desk chair.

This was the only real seating area in the apartment. Not conducive to relaxing, is it?

The bedroom was small, but a perfectly acceptable size and the bed was quite comfortable.

The funky layout was fine for a single traveler, but would be rough for two people- even two people who were really close. I think it would be awful with two people.

The whole Airbnb process worked fine, from downloading the app, to searching for a place, to gaining access to the building, not an issue popped up. I only stayed one night at this property, but I know if I stayed two, I would have missed the daily maid service. I did feel a little disconnected since there was no staff to assist with anything (I didn’t need assistance, it was just a security blanket thing, I think).

I don’t think I will be changing my travel lodging preferences – I’ll keep staying in hotels, but I think I may at least check Airbnb options, depending on the city I am visiting. What do you love about Airbnb? What do you absolutely hate about the program?

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