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Myanmar – By The Number

I posted my final thoughts on our Myanmar Trip yesterday. Since I dig metrics and stats, I’m going to throw together a high level By The Numbers review.

Airlines: 5, new airlines in bold  (EVA, Thai, Air KBZ, Myanmar Air, United)
Miles Flown: 20,462
Total Modes of Transport: 5 (Car, Plane, Train, Boat, Hot Air Balloon)
Hotels: 4 (Sule Shangri-la, Bagan Lodge, Pristine Lotus, St. Regis Bangkok)
Days Away: 11
Vacation Days Taken: 5 + 2 Personal Days
Total Photos Taken: ~1,250
Airline Miles Spent: 210,000 miles per person
Days Until Next Trip: 24

Our route around the world.

I love The Great Circle Mapper for help in creating the above graphic.

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