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Ritz Carlton Denver


I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Ritz Carlton Denver for three nights.  Ritz Carlton properties usually don’t show up as an option when I book work travel – they are often outside of our corporate price restrictions, which is why I stay at an Aloft or Sheraton most frequently.  This time, the pricing worked out so I booked it.

I arrived in Denver early Tuesday morning and spent all day in meetings, finally arriving at the hotel around 17h00. We were greeted by three people working the front door, including valets. They were quick to help us with luggage and into reception. This was the only time I wasn’t addressed by name as I entered or exited the property.

The hotel is undergoing some renovation in the lobby and the meeting spaces, but other than some furniture in the lobby  being rearranged each day, the renovations had no impact on my stay whatsoever.

Check in was quick. Jeff was very welcoming and thanked me for my loyalty (Platinum status earned through 50 nights at Starwood last year garners Platinum status at Marriott and Ritz Carlton) and upgraded my room to a City View room located on the 8th Floor. My colleague was given the same upgrade too. Luckily our rooms were at opposite ends of the floor.

As you enter the room you are greeted by the coffee station. A Nespresso machine along with six pods were immediately available, but more were available upon request. I’m not a coffee guy – do people often take their morning coffee in their room or do they head out to a coffee shop – all of my colleagues grab a Starbucks before they hit the road each morning.

To the left of the coffee station was the four piece bathroom (or does a double sink count as two pieces itself?) with a separate water closet. I really prefer to have the toilet in its own area, even when traveling alone, I think it is nice to conceal that area when not in use.  The separate tub and shower made the bathroom  feel more luxurious and gave it an air of serenity.  I usually don’t take baths, especially in a hotel, but this time I made an exception. The water was hot and the tub filled quickly. It was very deep and relaxing after our first day which had us walking 33,000 steps.

Bathroom with double sinks, separate shower and tub as well as a self-contained water closet.

The separate tub was deep and filled surprisingly quickly with water – I almost over flowed the tub!

I think toilets should be off in their own area, not fully comingled with the rest of the bathroom.

The shower was great too. I had no hot water issues in the morning – a huge pet peeve of mine is when during peak shower periods you get only tepid water…usually after you are all soaped up too. No issues here.

The separate shower was spacious with a shower head that had great pressure.

The bath products were Asprey – Purple Water. These products worked fine, the scent was so mild I’m hard pressed to tell you exactly what it was. There were ample products for the tub and the shower though – another pet peeve: one tiny shampoo or soap that is gone too soon. This pet peeve is less of a problem when traveling alone though.

Asprey bath amenities – and lots of them throughout the bathroom.

Continuing on, you enter the main room which was outfitted with a king bed, a dresser, desk and a chaise.  The minibar fridge was stocked and the snacks were prominently displayed on the dresser.

Main area of the room, plenty of space to work, sleep and lounge.

The desk had two outlets and ethernet connections. Luckily the WiFi was strong and consistent so I had no need to hunt down an ethernet cable. The signal was strong enough to stream from Netflix, Xfinity or Amazon too.  While the WiFi signal was great, getting cell reception in the room was next to impossible. I had a few critical conference calls I needed to make, so I used the in room phone (complimentary toll free calls). This was the first time I used a hotel phone to reach an outside party in years. The speakerphone was crisp and clear.

The desk had everything I needed to be productive during my stay – including enough power outlets and a strong WiFi signal.

The bed was comfortable, although I am not a fan of feather beds. My Starwood profile has this clearly outlined, but my Marriott/Ritz profile does not (obviously). I have a mild feather allergy, but it wasn’t enough to impact my sleep. Honestly I kept forgetting to ask for my room to be defeathered until I was ready to go to sleep each night.

Wonderfully comfortable bed with multiple USB and traditional power outlets. Love it!

Almost every time I passed through the lobby I was greeted by name and asked if I wanted a bottle of water (it is Denver and the altitude and general dryness of the air can take a toll if you don’t properly hydrate). Each time I passed through the hotel exit, the door and valet staff made sure I didn’t need directions and wished me well on my journey.

This is my first Ritz Carlton stay in many years (since 2010, I think). In the end, I really enjoyed my stay at the Ritz Carlton Denver and would definitely return. The service was spot on, but not too in your face. I was allowed to do my thing without obtrusive staff bugging me but also able to get assistance quickly whenever needed. Nothing blew me away at this property, but if you are looking for consistently high quality service, an excellent location and an on-site team that really seemed passionate about thir guests then you need to visit the Ritz Carlton Denver.

When you visit the Mile High City, where do you stay?  What has been your experience at Denver’s Ritz Carlton? Do you take your morning coffee in the room, or do you pop out to a chain coffeehouse?

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