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I don’t like eVisas, but I should…

We are going to Myanmar soon.  Entry into Myanmar requires a visa for US Passport holders – as well as a ton of other countries (people holding passports from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia plus a couple other countries can enter for short periods without a visa).  The visa process for Myanmar is quite simple, fill out an online form, upload a photo and pay your $50.  A couple weeks after you do the online work, you’ll get a letter that you bring with you and upon arrival, you get a single stamp in your passport.

How could I hate this process?  Well, I’m an old man at heart and I love the big fancy visas in my passport.  Yes, they do take up more real estate in a limited space document than they should, but getting your passport back with a beautiful visa, sometimes with a hologram, is just cool.

The best part of this process (other than the sheer simplicity), was the sample photos – what not to do photos – on the application page.  These photos are hillarious – and you know they post a stupid picture like this because they’ve had really stupid people submitting photos like this in the past, right?

How Not To Submit a Photo for an eVisa.

How Not To Submit a Photo for an eVisa.


What are your thoughts on eVisas?  How about the photos above? Do you think people still think they can submit photos like this?  People are nuts.

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