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Birthday in A Hotel

I recently wrote about my stay at the relatively new Aloft New Orleans Downtown.  While that stay in and of itself wasn’t spectacular – it was quite nice, mind you, just nothing to knock your socks off – it did allow me to experience a first: Spending my birthday in a hotel.  Well, that’s not quite right, I spent my 30th birthday in Palm Springs, but that was an actual birthday trip, this was just a trip that coincided with my birthday, but I digress.

When I checked into the hotel, the gentleman working the check in desk commented on my birthday.  He first confirmed, then wished me a very happy birthday.  He also apologized for me having to spend my birthday with them, which I thought was funny – self deprecating humor often wins in my book.  He even said I could have a much later checkout if necessarily – I didn’t want nor need one, but it was nice to have the option.

I walked into my room and found a card sitting on the bed.  The had a lovely handwritten birthday note as well as a handful of drink vouchers for the bar.

Welcome note and birthday gift.

Welcome note and birthday gift.

Here’s what the note says:


Happy Birthday! We’re excited to have you here with us. Thank you for your loyalty to SPG and as a Platinum Member we want to make sure that your stay is Amazing!  Even though your birthday is Friday, here is something to get you started today!

It honestly was a shock to me.  I figured this would go unnoticed – especially since I was checking out on my actual birthday.  Again, this isn’t Earth-shattering, but you don’t need to make a grand over the top gesture to bring a smile to a person’t face or to brighten their day a little bit.  Taking a few minutes to write a quick note has paid dividends in my mind.  Plus, I only used two of the four tickets!  In case you were wondering, United didn’t do anything for me (I was flying on a paid first class ticket too) – Turkish and Cathay both sent me Happy Birthday Emails.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel on your birthday (and not part of birthday celebration – just by happenstance)? How did that hotel celebrate your special day?  Did you have status with them or were you just a general member?  How should a hotel celebrate you?

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