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Street Food

I was chatting about travel at work last week (surprising, I know) and a colleague asked if I eat street food while traveling. The woman who posed this question isn’t a traveler, she takes her vacation each year to Disney World, or if she decides to go wild she goes to Disneyland. I’ve traveled (for work) with this woman before and she freaks out if we try to eat somewhere she’s never heard of – she loves national chain restaurants (Olive Garden and PF Chang’s).

I do eat street food. I like to be a traveler not a tourist. The locals eat street food and the reason I travel is to experience other cultures, including their food. Street food is usually very cheap too. I’ve had some great street food all over the world, including:

I’ve been fortunate and have never gotten sick from eating street food. I’ve gotten sick while traveling, but never from street food. When eating street food, I follow a few simple rules:

  • Always eat at places that have at line – the more people the quicker the food turns over. No customers mean the food ends up sitting out longer, giving more opportunity for bacteria to grow. Plus, if the food stall has a long line that means the local customers like the place. It has to be worth trying.
  • See and smell the food. If you see flies or other insects on the food, you should likely stay clear.
  • See the people preparing the food. Are they clean? Are their action sanitary?

Shanghai Noodles Cooking on a Cold January Day


Dumplings, Dumplings and more Dumplings – Shanghai

Street food can be a little scary – like most things, I say trust your gut.  If you think something isn’t right, you are probably right – stay away.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten from a street vendor?  Have you gotten sick from street food?


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