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Westin Lima Hotel and Convention Center

I’m not usually one to stay at a “Convention Center” hotel unless, I am attending the convention.  I find these hotels are often pretty well worn – even the new ones.  Convention people are a rough crowd.  I really don’t regularly stay at Convention hotels while on vacation.  I made an exception for our Peru visit.  Our flight from the US got us into the hotel around 22h15 and based on the timing of our flight to Cusco the following morning, we needed to be out of the hotel by 07h00.  We weren’t spending much time in the room, I just wanted a comfortable, clean place to sleep for a few hours and the Westin fit the bill.  The cash rate for the room the night we needed was $150 all in – we could have stayed with cash and points or all on points, but the value wasn’t there for me.

We arrived at the hotel shortly after 22h00.  We were greeted by a couple of bellhops and the concierge who lead us over to the reception desk.  Before introducing myself, the young man behind the desk greeted me by name. I assume it is because I’m the only person staying at the hotel who hadn’t checked in yet.  In any event, I like that little touch.  I elected not to use a Platinum Suite Upgrade certificate – since we were only there for a few hours, I figured it would be a waste.  However, as a Platinum member we were upgraded to an Executive Suite which had a small sitting room in addition to the bedroom.

We were offered either 500 points or the local welcome gift as our check-in amenity (offered to all Platinum SPG Members).  This time I selected the local gift, which was two bottles of Pisco — which were never delivered, AHEM, SPG, AHEM.

After being given the rundown of the hotel amenities including the gym, the club lounge and the restaurant hours – we wouldn’t be using any of the amenities listed on this visit – there was no time.  One of the bellhops who initially greeted us, escorted us to our room, bringing our luggage with him.

You entered the room in the main sitting area, which had a desk, a couch and a chair along with a TV.  If I were here for a week long conference, I could see this room getting a ton of use – doing my actual job in the evening, while attending the conference during the day.

Sitting Room in our Executive Suite

Sitting Room in our Executive Suite

Sitting Room in our Executive Suite

Sitting Room in our Executive Suite

Continuing down a short hallway, we passed the closet and the washroom.  Both were of really good size and again, if I were staying here for a few days, I could really make myself at home.

The bedroom was very large and had a king size bed, a chaise lounge and club chair and ottoman.

Our well appointed bedroom

Our well appointed bedroom

Our well appointed bedroom

Our well appointed bedroom

Our well appointed bedroom

Our well appointed bedroom

Our room looked out on the various high rises in the San Isidro district of Lima.  This hotel ended up bookending our trip – we stayed our first night here, then on our last two nights on vacation.  We were upgraded to the same type of room, an Executive Suite, both visits.  Our rooms were located on higher floors of the hotel and street noise was no problem at all for us.  I’m not sure how much of the hotel was occupied, but we didn’t hear a peep from neighbors.

The hotel is located in the more central business district neighborhood of San Isidro and not the more residential, food and tourist friendly neighborhood of Miraflores.  Our first night in Lima, the hotel recommended a local restaurant in Miraflores called Lima 27, which had some great pisco drinks and some phenomenal ceviche, tartare and causa.  We took a cab from the hotel to the restaurant and we were able to put the cab fare on our hotel room – without a mark up at all. This was the first time I’ve come across this in all my travels.  I liked the option.

On our second visit to the Westin at the end of of the trip, we walked around a bit more and found there were some great restaurants just 15-20 minutes from the hotel.

In general I was pleased with this hotel and would definitely consider it should my travels take me back to Peru.  The staff was all very nice and eager to be of help; the rooms were clean, well appointed and fit our needs perfectly.  Don’t worry about it being a conference hotel – it is much more than that.

Where did you stay while in Lima?  What are your thoughts on conference hotels whilst on vacation?


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