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Inca Travel – Introduction

We decided that our big trip this year would be to Peru and Bolivia.  Neither of us had visited these two countries before.  I had never been to South America, unless you count Trinidad, which surprisingly stirs quite the reaction when I ask is it part of North America or South America?

We wanted to visit Machu Picchu and we’d read some pretty great things about the Lima food scene.  MS wanted to visit Bolivia, wanting to experience the world’s highest capital city – La Paz – and visit Lake Titicaca.  La Paz is also home to a restaurant by the creative geniuses who gave us Noma in Copenhagen.

A beautiful day at Machu Picchu

A beautiful day at Machu Picchu

We selected Memorial Day weekend for our visit, so I could parlay the holiday into not using a vacation day.  Since I don’t get much vacation, I always try to throw a vacation around a pre-existing holiday weekend.  Memorial Day weekend is also our wedding anniversary, so I expect this weekend to be one where we are often traveling.

Making my way down the World's Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

Making my way down the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

Our trip to Peru and Bolivia was full of some ups and downs.  We had some great food, stayed in some wonderful hotels, saw some amazing sites and we also had pretty severe issues with altitude sickness, food poisoning, awful airline seats and copious amounts of bureaucratic red tape.  I’ll be sharing with you all the highlights of our trip, including:

Have you traveled to Peru or Bolivia?  What surprised you about the visit?  Did you love Machu Picchu?  How many tasting menus did you enjoy?

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