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Guisados DTLA

I spent a week in LA for work recently and my travel companion was sort of lame – he preferred to order room service each night.  Then again, maybe he just didn’t want to eat with me, either way, I didn’t have to worry about preferences of anyone else when picking dinner places.

The first night in town I went to Badmaash.  The next night I wanted to hit Sugarfish, but unfortunately, the wait for a single was about 90 minutes and I didn’t have the energy to go for that.  I figured their may be a problem getting into Sugarfish, so I had a backup plan.  I figured I’d hit Guisados for tacos if Sugarfish didn’t work out.

I walked about 15 minutes over to Guisados and it was pretty empty.  Lucky for me.  It had more of a coffee shop feel than a taco joint.  There were a couple of tables full of people using their laptops, one woman was skyping (which included regular shrieks of laughter, which startled everyone around) and one table hosting a really awkward date.

I ordered three tacos and a fresh lemonade.  Like my meal the previous night, there were more things on the menu that I wanted to try, but I felt I’d be acting like a big pig if I ordered them all.  I settled on three tacos:  Cochinita Pibil, Chorizo and Pescado.

Taco Trio from Guisados

Taco Trio from Guisados

The pescado was by far the worst of the three, but it was still very good.  I feel I could eat half a dozen of each of the other two tacos. The flavors, the spice and the fresh in-house made tortillas made the meal fantastic.  The fresh lemonade paired so well with the meats as well.  I fear if I lived in this area, I’d end up eating here much more than my arteries or my waistline could handle.

Have you eaten here before? What is your favorite taco?  When Downtown LA, where do you go for tacos?

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