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Taking Control of the Kitchen this Weekend

We love to cook at home.  More often than not, we spend the weekend evenings at home – cooking a meal for ourselves or hosting a couple of friends.  I find I cook less frequently than MS.  I’m more of a “let me cook a meal and stay out of my way” type of guy.  That doesn’t necessarily work on a traditional weekend in our house, so I yield the kitchen to him and fill in on an as needed basis (more of a sous chef role).

MS has an awful cold this weekend – he’s got a fever, a sore throat and he’s almost completely hoarse.  I am using this time to take control of our kitchen and cook Cook COOK.  My plans for the weekend are:

I spent a good portion of Saturday morning researching these recipes and making notes on how to make them my own.  I’ll be sharing my tweaked recipes, photos and my impressions of these dishes.  I hope you enjoy my gluttonous food journey.

What are you cooking this weekend?

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