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#UrbanFarm Update

I will say that we had some pretty great success so far this year in our tiny #UrbanFarm.  As a quick recap, a few weeks ago we planted some beets from seed and some lettuce from small starts.  The beets are going a little slow, but the lettuce is making up for it.


The lettuce went nuts. We harvested a ton of it and gave two completely packed grocery bags to some friends around the corner


.  We harvested all of this mostly because we wanted to start planting tomatoes.

It goes without saying we are eating Big Salads (like Elaine enjoys) all week.

I mentioned earlier that we pulled out the blueberries because they just teased us and replaced them with small red raspberry bushes. Those bushes already have fruit and our legacy raspberries are starting to fruit too. I can’t wait to harvest these delicious little treats in a few weeks.

Once we removed some lettuce (both harvesting and moving to another part of the yard) we planted a couple tomato plants, some cucumbers (two plants, which means we will have many more pickles this year!), eggplant and some thai chilis.  I haven’t planted on the upstairs balcony yet (this is where the cherry tomatoes go – in the self watering planters).

I think we are planning a bit better this year.  At this rate we may have a pickle party in August.

How is your spring UrbanFarm working out? What are you planting? What have you harvested so far?

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