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Singapore SilverKris Lounge

We took the express train from Hong Kong Station to the Hong Kong International Airport.  The ride itself took just about 25 minutes and was pretty comfortable.  We arrived at the airport and checked in.  There were no lines whatsoever at check-in or going through border patrol.  As I was waiting for EAD to get through security, a woman came up to ask if I’d do a survey for the Hong Kong Tourism Board.  I was through security so I figured this wasn’t a scam.  The survey was supposed to take 2 minutes…after 5 minutes I just walked away.  The survey girl wasn’t pleased, but I was tired of answering her inane questions (how much was your room per night?  How much did you spend on alcohol your first lunch? First dinner? Second Lunch?)  I didn’t know the answers, so I left.

I wasn’t too keen on going shopping at the airport, but I was interested in trying out the various lounges.  Hong Kong is great if you are a Star Alliance Gold member – you can visit the United Club (which we didn’t), the Thai Royal Orchid Lounge  (which we didn’t) and a Singapore SilverKris Lounge.

The SilverKris lounge was quite empty.  There weren’t any Singapore flights leaving within a few hours of our visit to the lounge.  This was my first visit to any Singapore lounge and while the lounge had opened just a few months prior to our visit, it didn’t feel new.  I was pleased we chose this lounge though.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

The food spread wasn’t as elaborate as I was expecting – probably because there weren’t any real flights in the queue either.  That being said, I had some tomatoes (again, my favorite fruit on the planet), some pot stickers, a “mango drink” and then seconds of each of those. I even tried the most vile BLT finger sandwich ever created (it was just bland, gummy in texture and moist).

Breakfast at the Singapore SilverKris Lounge – Mmmm, Mango Drink.

I wanted a drink. I know, surprising turn of events, isn’t it?  The bar was staffed — or I should be clear and say that it wasn’t a self-serve bar.  I couldn’t find the bar tender – which isn’t surprising considering the lounge was nearly empty.  I managed to track someone down to help me and he and I had one of the best exchanges on the trip:

Me: Excuse me. Could I have some Champagne or Sparkling Wine?
Bartender: Huh? You want a drink? Wine?
Me: Yes. Sort of. Sparkling Wine, please.
Bartender: No. Sorry. We don’t have it.
Me: Sorry, you don’t have any Sparkling Wine? What about that right there? (Pointing to a foil topped bottle of wine).
Bartender: That’s Champagne. We don’t serve Sparkling Wine here. Would you like some Champagne.
Me: But of Course.
Bartender: Let me give you two glasses. We are understaffed for the next 20 minutes and I’d hate for you to wait.

The Lounge was serving a perfectly passable bottle of Piper-Heidsieck.  I was hoping for something a little nicer, but I almost guarantee it was better than what we would have been served at the United Club.   I will admit, I made myself a Bellini with a glass of Piper and a splash of Mango Drink.  It cut it a bit and made it much more enjoyable.

We spent about an hour in the lounge – mooching off the wifi and putting a last minute charge on my various devices.  We then packed up our stuff and said goodbye to the kind yet scarcely seen employees in the lounge and made our way to our gate.

Which of the Star Alliance Lounges do you like best in Hong Kong?  I was hoping to try out the Thai Royal Orchid Lounge, but we didn’t have enough time.  Next time in Hong Kong, I’ll give them a try.

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