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Hilton HHonors – Free Points

You don’t see me write much about the Hilton HHonors Program.  I don’t stay at Hilton Properties much – as frequent readers know, I’m a Starwood-guy and I don’t have enough hotel stays in a year to keep status at two chains.  I do have Gold Status with Hilton through the Citibank Reserve Hilton HHonors card – for the annual fee of $95 you get Gold Status, which to me is worth it for the minimal perks you get

  • 25% Additional Points when staying at a Hilton property
  • Bonus Points at check-in (amount of points depend on the type of property)
  • Complimentary Breakfast (unless you choose the points above)
  • Room Upgrades, if available (and subject to availability – but I will say that I’m very fortunate when it comes to this perk, I get upgraded about 4 out of 5 times when I stay)

Anyway, the purpose of this post is simple – in the past Hilton allowed you to sign into your account with a 4-digit PIN, which isn’t all that secure.  They now are making you set up a modern password to access their system and if you do so before April 22, 2015 (next Wednesday), they’ll give you 1,000 points. Now 1,000 points will Hilton won’t get you anything, but it will show as activity in you HHonors account and will reset the time before your miles expire.

These points can help you stay at a beautiful Hilton Property like the Waldorf Astoria when you come visit Chicago.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago – photo courtesy of Hilton.com

Head on over to the HHonors site and update your password today.  Why waste an opportunity to keep your account active?


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