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Transportation in Hong Kong


I hate renting cars.  If I had my way, I’d never rent a car when we travel.  Sometimes that just doesn’t work and sometimes it could, but you’d be missing out on a beautiful drive (like this one).  Most of the time I can get by with taking public transportation or taxis – it ends up being more freeing for me and it helps keep the cost of travel down (even with the cost of taxis you end up spending less than you would by renting a car and parking and fueling and tolls, etc).

Hong Kong is not a City that I’d like to drive in — hell there are few places in which I’d like to drive.  Why bother when you are in such a great City with amazing transportation.  We ended up taking taxis a few times, the Metro at least a dozen times and the Star Ferry half a dozen times.

The Hong Kong Metro was great. Like Paris, it seemed like we were waiting no more than 3 minutes for the next train — even when we just missed one.  The trains were pretty packed most of the time.  Unlike Chicago, the train cars are fully connected – you can walk between cars, which also means you can cram more people in the area between the cars.   We were able to get anywhere we wanted to go via Metro (well, except our hotel, that is).

Packed Subway Car – Not Rush Hour

Another view — look how far back this pack car stretches.

You can either take the Metro or the Star Ferry to get between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  We did both options several times.  You can use your octopus card (like Chicago’s Ventra Card or London’s Oyster Card) on the Metro and on the Star Ferry.  The Star Ferry costs 2.80HKD (~$0.36USD) – by far the cheapest way across the water. The ride takes about 10 minutes and you don’t need to pre-book a ticket or a time, just show up and ride.

Inside the Star Ferry — yes, another Chinese couple taking a selfie.

The Star Ferry crossing the harbor – a view from our Ferry.

Hong Kong is such a great City and the excellent transportation options is just one of the reasons.  The well thought out transit system makes a quick trip like this one so much easier – you aren’t wasting time or money in taxis or with a rental car.  In and out and across the City is as easy as can be.

Do you dig the transit in Hong Kong as much as I do?

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