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Sixt Rental Car Update

I wrote about our Thanksgiving Rental with Sixt Rental Car in France and how I thought their service was subpar.  Most of the comments/emails I received were basically in agreement, but not necessarily about Sixt – just that every Rental Car Company is crap and you should just focus on the best price and move on.  I don’t disagree with that, but I still think that basics of customer service should be adhered to.

After I posted my issues with Sixt, I received a very quick tweet asking for me to DM (Direct Message) my reservation info to them and they’d do more research.  That’s one of the great things about social media – after you’ve tried traditional channels to get a problem resolved you can take to Twitter or Facebook, etc and try again.

I sent our reservation info back and explained what had happened.  Then I waited.  And waited.  I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for.  I guess I had hoped that they’d reimburse us for the road side assistance extra expense we incurred because their assistance wouldn’t help us.  At least, I thought I’d get an apology that no one had gotten back to me, but that’s all they could do. What did I get? Nothing. I sent my info, as requested by Sixt and that was it.  No further correspondence or response period.

Honestly, I would have rather just been ignored, than have someone give me the indication that they’d look into the situation and offer assistance.  Just a tease.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  Their real time customer assistance was non-existent.

We are off to Italy in a few weeks and will need to rent a car again (God I hate rental cars) – even if Sixt is the best priced, I’m going to veto that rental.  I’d rather take my chances with another company and have the hope that if we do need assistance they’ll be there to help.

I know – I just need to let it go.  This is the last you’ll hear of my issues with Sixt.

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