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Transit Quiz

I love mass transit.  I live in Chicago and have been car-less since 2001.  One of the reasons I chose to move to Chicago was the extensive transit system.  I feel very fortunate to live in a City where I can be without a car and not feel trapped in a small area of the City.

I stumbled across this transit quiz somehow this week and was surprised by not only how many Cities I could pick out just by the transit system (here’s a hint — see if you can make out the shore lines where transit lines come to an abrupt end) and by how useless some of these systems seem to be.  If you live and work along one of those lines it would be great, but you are really stuck in your own little area.  You’d likely need a car to live your daily life – to go to the doctor, the grocery or to visit friends.

All Transit – Image courtesy of alltransit.cnt.org.

I am spoiled by living in Chicago.  I am disappointed at how little we spend on mass transit in the US and even more disappointed in how we as Americans aren’t fighting for this basic urban right.  Higher population density demands an effective mass transit system.  It reduces vehicles on the roads, pollutants and stress (that last one is just my perception).

I found San Diego, NY, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and Milwaukee to be the easiest.  These Cities have full transit systems that hug the shores.  Each round has 10 questions, with each round getting progressively harder (some of the systems are impossible to guess, unless you are very familiar with the area – as there are just one or two routes intertwined).  I scored 7, 8, 4, 5 correct in each of the rounds.  How did you do on this quiz?

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