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SPG + Uber Hookup – Data Points

Last week I wrote about a hot little hookup between SPG and Uber and I mentioned I’d report back once my bonus Starpoints from Uber had posted.  Well, they’ve hit  – much quicker than I thought. Here’s how the travel and the points ended up.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

09h30: BNA-Office ($16.00 Uber charge)
18h00: Office-Aloft Nashville West End ($12.00 Uber charge including a 1.9X Surge)

Friday, February 27, 2015

08h00: Aloft Nashville West End-Office ($17.00 Uber charge including a 3.0X Surge)
17h50: Office-BNA ($48.00 Uber charge including a 3.0X Surge)

On March 3, the base points for the Uber rides posted — all four above posted when I checked my point balance before work.  The additional bonus points had not posted then.  Later in the day, I logged back in to book an award stay and found that the additional two points per dollar spent as a Platinum taking Uber during an SPG Stay had posted later in the day.

I’ve also taken Uber a couple times last week, not associated with an SPG Stay, and those points seem to be posted to my SPG account the day following the ride.  Not too shabby.  How quickly have your points been posting?

I also forgot to mention in my original post about this was that you need to complete a stay at an SPG property before you actually earn Starpoints for Uber rides.  I wouldn’t recommend that you go stay in a hotel just to get the extra points though.

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