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Travel: 2014 Year in Review


2014 was a good year for me, not only in travel but in general. Let’s review my travels over the past twelve months, shall we?

By the Numbers: (2014 / 2013)

Total Miles Flown: 53,322 / 73,825
Total Segments Flown: 37 / 44
Cabin Segment Breakdown (F/B/C): 0/5/32 | 7/4/33
Total Airlines Flown (new airlines bolded): 4 (United, Air Canada, Brussels, Lufthansa) / 7
Total Hotel Nights: 56 / 71
Total Hotel Stays: 32 / 31
Total Airlines Miles Redeemed: 37,500 / 105,000
Total Hotel Points Redeemed: 134,000 / 13,400
Countries Visited (new Countries bolded): 6+1 (Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland + Germany) / 8+1
Longest Single Segment: MUC-ORD @ 4,535 / ORD-PVG @ 7,056
Shortest Single Segment: YUL-YQB @ 145 (I redeemed miles for this flight too)
Northernmost Airport: ARN (Stockholm) / LHR (Heathrow)
Southernmost Airport: MCO (Orlando) / SGN (Ho Chi Minh City)
The most frequent non-home airport I visited was YYZ (Toronto). I didn’t do a lot of repeat business outside of ORD. Last year BNA (Nashville) and LAX were on my frequent list – I only visited each of those once this year.

I flew enough miles this year to circumnavigate the Earth only twice – or enough miles to get a quarter of the way to the moon.

Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

How did your 2014 treat you? Did you meet all of your travel goals? What are you planning for 2015?

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