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Abbaye de Maizieres


We used the Abbaye as our home base for three days in Beaune. We had a hard time finding the entrance (FYI: The large window looking into the restaurant is the door).

The lobby, which houses the restaurant, is beautiful. It is one of those places that if it had a fireplace you could see yourself spending hours there with a good book and a great glass of local wine. Check-in was a breeze and we were helped with our luggage to the third floor room (we protested, asking to take our own bags, but they declined). The woman from reception, helping us with bags, also commented how they hate that Americans always think the hotel staff are too weak to carry the bags (she said this in French to her colleague, thinking we wouldn’t understand).

Very steep stairs leading up to the guestrooms at the Abbaye de Maizieres

The stairs are steep and narrow, which is only an issue when hefting the luggage. We reached our room (La Tache) on the 3rd floor. Our room was split across 2 floors: the washroom and a small sitting area (two chairs tucked in a tight corner) on the first floor; and the bedroom on the second.

The stairs leading to the bedroom were closer to a ladder than a staircase: Very Steep and the Rungs were very narrow- so narrow, in fact, you had to walk down sideways. God forbid you need to use the washroom at night – it is a harrowing feat. Luckily we only had one fall down these stairs on our stay.

Two twin beds in the Abbaye de Maizieres

Bedroom writing area in Abbaye de Maizieres

The room and linens were very clean and the bath was outfitted with Clairns products.

Abbaye de Maizieres monogrammed hand towel

Bathroom sink in Abbaye de Maizieres

Shower in Abbaye de Maizieres

The restaurant had a great dinner. We ate here one night and had one of our best meals in Beaune. The menu changes weekly, so if you have an opportunity – eat here twice. Authentic regional cuisine with an amazing cheese cart. Epuisses is a must.

The restaurants main dining area at Abbaye de Maizieres

Amazing cheese cart at the restaurant in Abbaye de Maizieres

My limited cheese selections at dinner at Abbaye de Maizieres


The location is perfect – within walking distance of all the City attractions. There is free parking at the Ring Road as well – a 3 minute walk to the hotel.

I would never stay here again, if I had to have one of the two story rooms. Guaranteeing a room on a single floor may encourage my return, but I would probably skip it.

I should note that when we stayed at this property we were 35 years old in good shape without mobility issues. If you have trouble with stairs steer clear of this hotel.

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