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Bonus United MileagePlus Miles to London


United is offering bonus miles on flights to London.  For your first round trip you earn 7,500 miles, fly a second round trip you earn 10,000 and fly a third and earn 17,500 miles — for a total of 35,000 miles (these are redeemable miles only, not Premier Qualifying Miles).  You have to register for the promotion, which you can do here.  According to the terms and conditions you have to register before you fly — but not before you buy – so if you have already booked something, register and you should get the bonus miles.

London is calling…

You have to fly between September 23 and December 12, 2014.  Unfortunately this isn’t available for all fare classes either – only fare class  F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, Y, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V and W.  While some economy options are available, the deeply discounted tickets (on which I usually fly).  This promotion is also working with Air Canada tickets and flights — read more about it on the registration page.

I don’t believe this is a targeted promotion (where only people who received the email are eligible). I received the email and registered and gave the info to a co-worker who did not receive this promotion and he registered just fine.  No guarantees though of course.

Is this promotion worth flying to London just for the miles – absolutely not.  If you are heading off to London should you register – absolutely! You’d be foolish not to in my opinion.  Even if you don’t think you’ll be going to London (or you are but aren’t sure if you’ll be flying in W Class or higher) register anyway.  In any event, I’m happy that United is offering these miles to us all.

What are your thoughts on this promotion?

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