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How to Transfer Starpoints Between Accounts

Do you ever find yourself just shy of enough points for an upcoming Starwood award stay?  Many people don’t realize that you can transfer points between members as long as both members have the same mailing address on their account.  The members don’t have to be married – or share a last name, just a mailing address.  You also have to have the same mailing address for at least 30 days prior to the request.

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You can make the transfer yourself without, calling customer service, by logging into your SPG account – you’ll need the SPG account number of the recipient account, but you’ll need to initiate the transfer from the original account.  Once you have the recipient account number and the last name on that account (which matches both the sending and the receiving account) log into the sending account.

To transfer click: Quick Links > My Account > Redeem / Transfer Starpoints > Transfer to Another Member.

There are just three simple questions to answer: 1) How many points do you want to transfer? 2) Recipient SPG Number and 3) Last Name on Recipient.

SPG claims it can take about 5 business days for the points to be available for use in the recipient account – so be sure you plan ahead – you’d hate to make a wonderful plan then have your room snaked out from under you while you wait for points to be transferred.

I’ll report back and let you know how long the transfer take in practice.


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