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Travel Restrictions – Powerless Electronic Devices

TSA announced earlier today that they will be enhancing security measures at certain airports with direct flights to the United States.  As always, the TSA reserves the right to search your person and both your checked luggage and your hand luggage.  While they examine your items they may ask you to power up some of your electronic devices and if they do not power up (no charge or a broken device) then they may not be permitted on board the aircraft.

Make sure you plan ahead and have your devices juiced up.  You’d had to lose your mobile phone, tablet or camera or even be denied boarding because it lacks power.   Depending on my destination, I’ll often have a travel phone with me and at the end of my trip, I may not have it charged (no need to keep it charged as I won’t use it once I land back in the US)  – I’d be quite frustrated if I lost this unlocked phone because it wouldn’t power on.

There is obviously some sort of semi-credible threat that pushed this new security measure into being – let’s hope this is a short term issue and these additional measures do what they are intended to do.  You can read the full press release here.

Are you altering your international travel plans because of this new advisory?

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