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Recipe Review – Chicken Saltimbocca


I haven’t been cooking new things much at home lately, but last Sunday I decided to grab an issue from the stack of backloggd Food and Wines and pick out a dinner option.  I grabbed the April 2014 issue with Mario Batali’s Chicken Saltimbocca with Asparagus recipe.  I never made a Saltimbocca before, but I’ve ordered it dozens of times while out and about.  How can you not love a nice piece of chicken wrapped in prosciutto? Mario’s recipe adds some sage between the chicken and the prosciutto (which isn’t all that uncommon, but I don’t think I’ve had it in a few years  – obviously, I’m going to the wrong restaurants).  The sage really made the dish so much better.

The prep took the longest part to make this meal as the chicken is pounded thin, so once the meat hits the heat it’s done in just a couple minutes.  We were pretty damn happy with this recipe – it was easy, it was tasty and we will make it again — with some changes.

Finishing off the chicken and asparagus

Plated and ready to go, paired with a 2012 Douro DOC Vinho Branco from Portugal.

Take a look at the original recipe over at Food and Wine first — next time I’ll add more prosciutto (maybe 2-3 slices per piece of chicken) as it was a bit overpowered by the other ingredients. I’d also finish this recipe off with some grated cheese – perhaps some parm or pecorino – I’ve never had a meal where a cheese finish reduced it’s loveliness, have you?


What have you been cooking lately?

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