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Mexico City : Final Thoughts

Our goal for this quick trip was to maximize our Thanksgiving weekend and get out of the cold in Chicago.  This trip definitely fit the bill. Was it perfect? No, not at all.  We had some pretty good food. We didn’t get sick, robbed (or murdered) – which is definitely a win in my book.

I mention getting murdered because I think we all have this perception that Mexico is such a dangerous place to visit and it can be.  Interestingly enough, the crime stats for Mexico City are better than Chicago when it comes to violent crime.  Chicago’s murder rate is substantially higher than Mexico City’s.  We even had a cab driver comment (when he found out we were from Chicago) on the murders: “Ay – Chicago is so dangerous. Murders all the time. How can you live there?”  That’s a telling tale, isn’t it?  A Mexico City cab driver comments on the rampant crime in Chicago.

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mexico City

Would I return to Mexico City? Absolutely. It has much more of a European feel than I was expecting.  Next time, I’ll stay in the Polanco neighborhood and try to get a local to take me on a street food tour.  So many of the things we saw on the street looked amazing, but also looked like they would ravage our digestive systems.  We need local help.  Mexico City isn’t high on the revisit list, but it is still there and I will definitely be heading back.

What are your thoughts on the City?  What did we miss that should make the list for next time?

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