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Annual Starwood Category Change

Each year @SPG adjusts what Category certain hotels are. This really only impacts redemption of points for stays and doesn’t alter the quality or service at the hotel (although one may lead to another and vice versa, but on the surface this is a points issue).  This isn’t a devaluation per se either. Some properties are increasing a category (from 2 to 3, for example) while others are dropping.

About 20% of the SPG portfolio are changing categories effective March 4.  Just a couple weeks ago I booked several hotel nights in Spain and I wanted to see if those hotels were changing….and as luck would have it, they are not.

If you have an award stay booked and your hotel is increasing in category, don’t fret, your rate is currently locked in. That being said, if your hotel has dropped, I suggest you rebook at the new lower rate. Why not save a few points?

I also booked a room at the Nines in Portland over the summer today because this hotel is going up a category.  If my plans change I can always cancel – no harm.

You can see all the hotels that are changing here.

I think it is great we get this notification and can plan accordingly. What are your plans? You going to make some speculative bookings before the new rates kick in?

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