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TG 585: PHN-BKK (Economy)

Our travel companions had a flight to Singapore that left about 3 hours before our flight to Bangkok did — and we arrived just too late to hop on the earlier flight to BKK.  So we hung out at the Phnom Penh Airport, wrote post cards, read some travel blogs about Bangkok and just relaxed.  After a fitful night (stomach woes following a pretty tasty French meal) and a heavy day learning about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, we needed a bit of a break.  We sat at the Burger King in the airport to enjoy their air conditioning and their free WiFi while we waited for our flight.

Carrier: Thai International Airways (PHN-BKK)
Flight: TG 585
Seat: 40B
Departure: March 28, 2013 – 20h40 / 20h44
Arrival: March 28, 2013 – 21h45 / 21h35
Travel Time: 1 hour 5 minutes / 51 minutes
Flight Miles: 315

This flight was on a B737-400 and was probably one of the flights I was most looking forward to — not because it was a stellar product or because it was a new plane or a new airline, but because or friends left more than two hours earlier we had been just sitting at the Phnom Penh airport and I was bored to tears. While I didn’t really want to leave the City yet, I was sure tired of hanging out at the airport.

Since this ISN’T a US airline, a snack service was served aboard – although since I was still struggling with some stomach issues from the night before I opted not to eat anything.  It felt good to get back on a Thai Airlines airplane — all those smaller older Angkor planes were starting to wear on me.

Luckily on this flight there really was nothing to write home about, up, down slightly bumpy for a few moments and a long slow decent into BKK. It is always sad when you touchdown in your last City on a trip like this — you know your vacation is almost over…here we were, 5 cities down, 1 to go…

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