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Is $59/night Mattress-Run Worthy?

2014 is my first year with SPG Platinum status. Because of timing associated with some real estate transactions last year I was forced to stay in a hotel for 17 +/- nights.  So far this year, I’ve only stayed once in a hotel (two nights in Stockholm) and I got a lovely suite upgrade.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get Platinum status again this year — it’s way too early to tell.

I noticed that a Starwood property a few blocks from my office is going for $59/night.  I’ve done a mattress run (checking into a hotel purely for the points/nights/stay credit) and it helped me retain hotel status.  This rate is pretty damn cheap – especially considering what I normally see in the Chicago (City Proper) market.  SPG doesn’t have any great promos going on now either (to help sweeten the deal)…basically the real benefit here would be just to get the stay/nights credit.

What do you think, am I nuts for considering this?  If I do this, should I make multiple single night reservations, so I’ll be likely to retain Platinum status under a worst case scenario on stays (25) vs nights (50)?

What would you do?

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