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Stockholm – For the Weekend?


I am thinking about taking a trip to Stockholm for the weekend.  I have never been. I found some relatively reasonable airfare and the weather forecast for the timeframe in question is approximately 50-60 degrees warmer than Chicago is queued up to be.  January is quite a busy time for me at work, so I’d  probably only be on the ground for about 48 hours (Friday morning through Sunday morning).

I’ve never really taken a big trip like this by myself either — I’ve always traveled with a friend, a co-worker or just tagged along with MS when he was on a work trip.  Last January I spent 26 hours flying to spend 52 hours on the ground in Shanghai – and I loved it.

My other biggest concerns:

Beautiful (when warm and sunny)

Bright and Lovely Stockholm

What do you think?  Am I nuts?  Honestly, I wanted to go to Brazil with MS (he’s going for work), but the Airfare is nearly 3X the price of Stockholm and I’ve got a bit of the travel itch right now.  I am going to try to make my decision today…

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