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Travel: A Year In Review


As each year comes to a close, I like to review my year in travel.  This also helps me put together my goals for the next year.  Let’s start with what happened in 2013.

Total Flight Miles: 73,825
Total Segments Flown:  44
Cabin Segment Breakdown (F/B/C):  7/4/33
Total Airlines Flown (new airlines bolded):  7 (United, Lufthansa, Thai, Vietnam, Angkor Cambodian, Asiana, Air Canada, American)
Total Hotel Nights: 71
Total Hotel Stays: 31
Total Airline Miles Redeemed: 105,000
Total Hotel Points Redeemed: 13,400
Countries Visited (new countries bolded): 8 +1 (China, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, UK, Canada, Mexico + South Korea as transit only)
The most frequent (non-home) airports I visited were BNA (Nashville) and LAX this year.  My longest single flight was from ORD to PVG (Shanghai) and my shortest single flight was from REP (Siem Reap) to PNH (Phnom Penh).  The northernmost airport I visited was LHR (Heathrow) and the southernmost was SGN (Ho Chi Minh City).  I also flew enough miles this year to circumnavigate the earth nearly 3 times — or to travel 1/3 of the way to the moon.

My 2013 Travel Map

How did your year in travel turn out? Were you on the road more this year than prior years? What does your 2014 look like?

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