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I am a @United guy. Everyone knows that. When I am not flying United, I’m flying one of their Star Alliance Partners (either because United doesn’t fly directly to the destination in question — or because I am using United MileagePlus miles for partner travel in a premium cabin, which I otherwise couldn’t afford).  I flew non-Star Alliance Airlines on a trip to Southeastern Asia only because no Star Alliance carriers flew the routes I needed (HAN-SGN-REP-PHN).

I decided to try American Airlines for an upcoming trip to Nashville.  God Forbid.  I haven’t flown American since 2007 (ORD-SAN-POS-MIA-ORD).  I made this choice for two simple reasons:

  • I do not need anymore EQMs on United to keep Premier Gold Status (50,000 miles)
  • United doesn’t have a convenience schedule from ORD-BNA.
I have to be in Nashville for a holiday lunch party, but I also have a dinner that same night – both work functions that I really can’t miss.  I must admit, I’m a bit excited about trying the American product – even if it is just a crappy little Regional Jet, on an airline with which I have no status.
How bad can it be, right? It’s only an hour flight – and the times work for what I need.  
Do you ever feel like your cheating on your airline (or hotel) of choice when situations like this come up?  

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