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Aloft Smart Check-In

I received an email from @SPG congratulating me on being specially chosen to participate in an exclusive program wherein they send me a special key card and when I stay at participating Aloft hotels I can by-pass the check-in desk and go directly to my room. The day of check-in, the hotel would send participants of this program an email notifying us of the rooms to which we’ve been assigned.

This is an interesting idea – and based on a few of the last hotel stays I’ve had, I would have loved this benefit.  Recently in Nashville I was stuck in line (in the SPG Gold/Platinum Line) behind people who seemed like they had never been out of their mother’s basement before.  The people in the non-Gold/Platinum line were even worse – they were demanding suite upgrades because they had a long cab ride in from the airport.  God I hate these people.

Usually when I check in to a hotel, I like to chat up the front desk people – mostly to see if I can talk them into giving me a better room.  At an Aloft that is usually just a room with a better view or located in a quieter part of the hotel (away from elevators, on higher floors, away from public outdoor spaces, etc).

I signed up for this benefit and once I make my first stay, I’ll report back on how the whole thing works.  I’m not at all sold on this “benefit” as of yet.  Since this is only for Aloft and there isn’t a chance for any real upgrade I don’t think any other benefits would be lost.

Who else got this “benefit”?  What do you think about it? Do you think there is any benefit to this new program? Have you received your new Aloft Card yet? Does it indicate your SPG status on it?  I’d hate to be stuck carrying two SPG cards (Aloft permanent room key, SPG Platinum Card…and my SPG Amex).

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