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#SNAPChallenge Round 2 Day 1


#SNAPChallenge Round 2 Day 1 was as rough as I expected it to be.  The night before my first full official day on the challenge I made and packed a great Tomato Garbanzo Soup to have for lunch each day, so lunch was covered.  For breakfast I had an English muffin with peanut butter (shocking, considering that’s what I ate every single day on my last challenge). I paired two pints of water with the muffin as well.  The water was an interesting choice – I drink a ton of water every day, but starting my day off with two pints made me have to pee about every 47 seconds all day.  Not ideal.

Lunch was thrown for a bit of a loop — I had a last minute meeting scheduled from 11h30-13h30, then constant meetings for the rest of the afternoon until 16h00.  I hung tough and didn’t eat any of the food during the meeting but found a few minutes between each meeting in the afternoon to eat my soup.

For mid-day snacks, I put a quarter cup (one serving) of raw almonds in zipper baggies. My plan was to have one serving mid-morning and one in the afternoon.  The raw almonds are so healthy and are slow to digest, keeping a full feeling in my stomach much longer. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t hungry in the morning, but ended up eating both the baggies of almonds for the day throughout the afternoon.

For dinner I decided to roast all the chicken breasts I had purchased for the week. Five large bone and skin on chicken breasts weighed just over 6 pounds.  I roasted the chicken at 350 for 47 minutes ( started at 40 then checked the doneness with a meat thermometer — thus needing the extra 7 minutes to finish).  I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper and olive oil — all under the skin, then restretched the skin to cover the flesh.  Fantastic!.

I ate half a chicken breast along with about a half cup of steamed broccoli and 2 chopped raw carrots.  It was pretty filling.  Before the challenge I had gotten into a bad habit of having a taste of chocolate or some sorbet (or even ice cream) after dinner. This treat was not part of my challenge.  I found myself with dessert constantly on my mind.  I ran upstairs to brush my teeth — knowing that if I cheated the food would taste gross (yeah toothpaste) thus cheating makes no sense.  It worked.

Day one down – 6 more to go.  So far so good.

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