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#SNAPChallenge 2 Food Prep


My second #SNAPChallenge is starting tomorrow and today I am prepping for the week.  After my last  #SNAPChallenge I had a surprising amount of food left, which is outlined here. I did a bit of shopping tonight, after I returned from a quick trip out of town for Memorial Day.

I picked up the following items:
  • Two 28 ounce cans of tomatoes at $1.59 each
  • One 16 ounce bag of lentils at $0.99
  • Two pounds of carrots at $1.59
  • One yellow onion at $0.56
  • One eggplant at $1.62
  • Half a pound of broccoli at $0.80
  • Six pounds of Split Chicken Breasts at $9.21
  • 32 ounce container of raw almonds at $8.99
The total cost was $26.94 plus tax.
#SNAPChallenge Round 2 Food
My goal this time around was to find things to eat that are more filling for a longer period — more proteins and less carbs — which is why I bought the lentils, the raw almonds and the chicken breasts. I figure I can eat one breast a day for the week.
I am starting off by cooking the Tomato Garbanzo Soup that I made last time I did this Challenge. I’ll eat this for lunch for the next few days and hopefully remain full longer than I did before.
Wish me luck tomorrow on my first day of living on just $35 / week.
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