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Sunday Dinner: Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa


It has been so long since I cooked a home cooked Sunday dinner. Recently I made Ina Garten’s Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa.  I’m not a big “fish guy” – I love sushi but cooked fish doesn’t really make it high on my list. I have been trying to be better about it though.  Coupling my favorite cooked (or seared) fish with one of my favorite fruits (Mangoes) sounds like the perfect dinner.

After a quick trip to Whole Foods and I had all the ingredients for this dinner for two.  I am still surprised at the price of tuna – you’d think I’d get use to it eventually, but I’m not yet.

I was a little hesitant cooking the salsa – usually I find that a fresh salsa is more refreshing than the cooked version, but I thought I’d give it a go.

The mangoes were surprisingly ripe and flavorful.  The salsa creation was quick and easy.  The salsa was finished in just a few minutes and then tossed into the fridge to chilled.

A few hours later I prepped the tuna. Best part about the tuna portion – it takes just 5 minutes to cook.  I followed Ina’s recipe pretty much as is — although I did use an additional mango, because I felt mine were a bit smaller.

This dinner looked so good we jumped right in without taking a final picture of the fully plated meal.  We just got so excited to eat this great meal. It did not let us down.  Next time I’ll try to be a little better about taking a post prep picture.

What are you fixing tonight?

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