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Frankie’s Scaloppine – Lettuce Review

I find myself eating at Frankie’s (@Frankies5th) (@LettuceEats) more often that I care to admit.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the food but I’m there more often because the restaurant is in my office building and when the weather is crappy (either cold and miserable or swelteringly hot) I find myself just popping down for a quick lunch. There are two sides to the restaurant – the sit down restaurant and the pizzeria.  I’ll review both of these restaurants separately.  Today, let’s talk about Frankie’s Scaloppine.

Name: Frankie’s Scaloppine
Date of Visit: February 7, 2013
Meal: Lunch
Price/Person:  $15
Stars:  3.5/5

Frankie’s has been around for just over 5 years, as I write this.  It replaced another Lettuce restaurant – Tucci Benucch, which we really loved.  Frankie’s feels like a more upscale version of Tucci and if memory serves, it is slightly more expensive as well.

Frankie’s often has a nice mix of daily specials (salads, pastas and risotto), but I never order from the daily menu, I always pull from the traditional menu.  The menu has a good selection of pizzas, lunch salads, sandwiches, pastas and various scaloppine options.  More often than not, I will choose either a scaloppine or a pasta.

My favorite scaloppine was just recently removed from the menu, which is quite sad. I would consistently eat the Chicken Martini.  The name sounds like a feathered cocktail, but it was a simple flattened chicken breast with Parmesan and asparagus. Loved it.

This most recent visit I had the Grilled Chicken Scaloppine which comes with tomatoes and arugula.   While I don’t think this was as good as my favorite Chicken Martini, but I would definitely order this again.

The servers are consistently good at Frankie’s.  I rarely drink sodas, but I drink water like a fish. My biggest issue with any restaurant is their failure to keep my water refilled. I think people often think that when I say I’m OK with just water they think I’m being cheap.  Personally, if my water ever runs out the gratuity for the server just collapses.  I really never have an issue with that here at Frankie’s. The servers are attentive but really leave you alone during the meal.

What’s you’re favorite meal at Frankie’s? Do you stick to the pizzas or to you move to the other Italian fare?

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