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Shanghai-Lights: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

We took the MagLev back to the airport – this time the taxi driver who took us from the hotel to the train station didn’t try to screw us. He charged us the proper amount.  Unfortunately this time (the first ride for MS) the MagLev only got to 300kph. How disappointing.

I really do love exploring new airports. I love looking at all the destinations on the big boards.

I also love to plane spot. In Chicago we don’t have a whole hell of a lot of fun international planes. We get European staples like Lufthansa, British, Air France, KLM and Iberia and the Asian airlines like Cathay, Asiana, Air India and ANA and the one of other airlines like Royal Jordanian and Etihad.  It is exciting to see these planes as we taxi past them at O’Hare, but when you are at another airport on the other side of the planet you get to see some fun planes.

Emirates A380 in the foreground with a Thai
Airways in the background. 
Etihad waiting overnight
Singapore Airlines surrounded by Air China
Never heard of China-SSS.com, have you?
Nippon Cargo Airlines
Juneyeo Airlines – never heard of these guys either.

The international terminal smelled like cigarettes and when I was there it was pretty empty. You can see from the pictures below that the airport terminal is quite large with surprisingly empty cavernous areas.

As I made my way back to the gate, I heard someone yelling my name. Who the hell do I know in Shanghai?  It was the stew crew from my first flight!  I absolutely loved the crew I had on the outbound and they were working the return.  We ended up chatting quite a bit before the flight.

Time to board — let’s hope the flight is as empty as it was on the outbound — fingers crossed!

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