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M Burger – Lettuce Review

I love burgers. Once I saw +Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants (@LettuceEats) was opening up an M Burger right across from my office, I was excited to give it a try.  Let me get one thing clear, right from the start. These burgers aren’t the fancy schmancy burgers with imported bacon, wagyu beef or even pretzel rolls. These are classic burgers with classic toppings, cooked quickly and cooked right.  If you want a foie gras burger go some where else.

Name: M Burger
Date of Visit: February 8, 2013
Meal: Lunch
Price/Person: $9.00
Stars: 4/5

The menu is quite limited, for entrees they offer a few burger options, some burger alternatives (chicken and turkey) and a chicken salad. The sides are much more limited – French Fries, but I absolutely love their fries and wouldn’t consider anything else, even if the menu had more options (well….maybe tater tots….maybe).

This is really a great lunch place. They serve sodas and milkshakes (and malts…but who ever orders a malt?).  I checked online, but don’t see beer as an option, but I would wager you a beer that you can get a beer at the Water Tower Place location.

I recently returned from two weeks in Asia and on my flight back the first thing I wanted to eat once we landed…yes, you guessed it. I wanted to go to M. Burger and get a Double Cheeseburger and a double order of fries (oink).  I find myself stopping by M Burger once every two weeks and am consistently happy.

My one concern about the location I frequent (at Foodlife in Water Tower Place) is the customer service.  The folks who are working the Foodlife counter (there are two counters in which to order from, one inside Foodlife and one outside Foodlife) are very abrupt and short.  The ladies (who interestingly enough have lovely tattoos all over their necks) are pretty aggressive and unpleasant.  Since this is really a grab and go place dealing with the staff isn’t really that big of an issue.

Have you been to M Burger? Do you love the fries as much as I do?  Which of their locations is your favorite?

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