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Shanghai-Lights: Hotel Indigo

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo (@hotelindigoSH) on the Bund in Shanghai. Hotel Indigo is part of the Priority Club hotel group. I have only stayed at a Priority Club once before – the Intercontinental in Manhattan – and that is because EVERY Starwood and Marriott property were completely sold out.  When I go to Nashville for work, I stay at a former Indigo Hotel — but since it hasn’t really been updated, it still feels like an Indigo, I just get Starpoints for the stay.

Anyway, we stayed at the Indigo because it was reasonable and the better half usually stays at Priority Club hotels while in China (mostly based on availability where he is working).

I dig the lobby in this hotel. It is bright, modern, clean and sleek.  There is ample seating, but during my stay, I never saw a soul down there.

I checked in and was escorted to the elevators, which was a nice, yet totally unnecessary touch.  We were on the 20th floor of the hotel and by the time I arrived, I had been up for 24 hours and I needed a shower, a bite to eat and a quick little nap.

The room itself wasn’t all that large, but it was really nicely decorated, with a modern Asian motif.  The bed was flanked by two night stand with complimentary lamps and ample outlets. Yes, AMPLE OUTLETS. I was in heaven.  There was an interestingly large black and white print behind the leather headboard.  Not something I’d do at home, but still it looked pretty cool.

A round Asian inspired rug was under the bed – I was really digging this too since the round rug cut down some of the harshness of the angular room

The walls were brick as well — not brick wall paper either.  While I believe this was just aesthetic brick, it was still cool and looked much better than that god-awful brick wall paper stuff you see from time to time.

I really wanted to steal this sign but MS wouldn’t let me do so. The other side is in English and it says what you’d expect it to say: Non Smoking Room. 500rmb Fine for Smoking.

The bathroom was on the outer wall and had a small WC with the most futuristic electronic toilet I have ever seen, a single sink and a large shower room.  The counter was a bit low, but then again, I may be a bit taller than their usual clientele. The shower was great!  It had beautiful modern tile work, a huge rain shower head and a small window looking out onto a large construction site — but we were 20 floors up, so you just got a view of the City.

The shower had great water temperature and pressure. I was quite impressed.  The bath products smelled so great, as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the brand, but it had such a soothing aroma therapy effect, without that noxious chemical/fake smell.

The first night at the hotel, we popped down to the bar, Quay, on the 6th floor.  Like most hotel bars, the drinks were a bit steep, but they had some wonderful signature cocktails and the views of Pudong, the first night were absolutely amazing.  The buildings are lit up so beautifully and you can see the iconic buildings that make Shanghai, Shanghai – including the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Building and the Shanghai World Financial Center.  The dark tall building between Jin Mao and the SWFC is the Shanghai Tower, which when completed will be the tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the world (behind Burj Kalifa in Dubai).  It will be 632 meters tall with 121 stories.

We ate breakfast at the hotel each morning and like the bar, it was a bit overpriced, but everything was very tasty.  Each morning I had the buffet (and you all know how much I loathe buffets). I had ham, fruit (best pineapple ever), pastries and a spicy bowl of noodles — when in China, right?
While I am not a big Priority Club guy, this hotel was great. The service was fantastic at every interaction (check-in, doorman, housekeeping, restaurant, bar — all top notch).  The hotel was quite reasonably priced for the area – although it claims to be on the Bund (and by definition it may be) it is a 20 minute walk from all the exciting things to do on the Bund.  I would definitely stay here again.  I have nothing negative to say at all about this hotel. Nicely done!
Where do you stay while in Shanghai? Do you try to stay with your regular hotel partners or do you try something new?

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